How To Create A Rule (Filter) In Gmail
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How To Create A Rule (Filter) In

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Users of Gmail

In Gmail, rules are called "filters."  They can be used for a variety of things: to automatically move incoming emails to a folder (called "labels" in Gmail) other than the Inbox; to automatically delete an email; or to forward an email to a forwarding address you set up in Gmail.  

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create a rule to automatically delete an email.  You might do this because you're getting spam (junk) email from a spammer but he or she is using different email addresses.  Whatever the reason, here's how to create the rule:

1)  In the upper right-hand corner of Gmail, click on the cogged-wheel (settings) and then click on Mail Settings from the menu which appears.

2)  On the Mail Settings page, find the tab labeled "Filters."  Click on it.

3) Click on "Create A New Rule."  

4)   In the window which appears, you can choose what you want to be the trigger for the filter.  For our example, we want to delete any email which has the subject - *Your *Credit Score May Have Just Changed.  So, we will fill in the Subject field and then click "Next Step."

5)  We then put a checkmark in "Delete It."  (As you can see, there are other options you can use but, in our example, we simply want to delete any email with the subject we put in.)

6)  Our last step is to click "Create Filter."

7) The rule will now be listed in our Filters tab.  In the future, we can edit the filter or delete it simply by returning to this tab.  Once we're satisfied, we can click in the left column on Mail and go back to our Gmail or we can just surf somewhere else on the Internet.