Stop Giving Hackers The Edge

By on Jun 01, 2012

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We see it all the time – email accounts hacked because of weak passwords.  Although we’ve preached and preached about creating strong passwords, the hacked-email phenomena just keeps gaining strength.

Despite the fact that we have a free tutorial on creating strong passwords, computer users continue to ignore our heeding until it’s too late. 

Once again, we’re urging you to go back and change old, weak passwords with newer, stronger ones.

Here’s another quick list of things to include in a strong password:

1)     At least 8 characters

2)    Alpha characters – both upper and lower case

3)    Symbols

Here are some things to NOT include:

1)     Complete words – no dictionary words, in any language

2)     No parts of your Social Security number

Here’s an example of one of our strong passwords:  I2h1R2P0&c_

(Does our password look too complicated?  We just used the first letter of each word in the phrase “I hate Reese’s Pieces and chocolate”  That’s “I-h-R-P-&-c”  We then put our two favorite two-character numbers in between -21 & 20, then added an underscore at the end.)


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  1. RRoseose Haley on September 14, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Thanks John, I just noticed that someone had sent mail to people in my address book, that was not me. Will change my password.

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