Not All Snags Are Bad

By on Jan 05, 2017

Category: Software

One of the most useful tools we have on our computers at Keystone Computer Concepts Snagit.  Whether you run a small business, head up some committee at church or the VFW, Snagit will make things easier.  It’s a little but powerful program which allows you to capture parts of what’s on your screen.  Once captured, you can add symbols, text, stamps and a myriad of other items to your capture.  Your finished product can be shared in email or uploaded to the cloud and a ton of other places.  With Snagit, you can even capture video that is showing on your screen or you can use your webcam to add a video note to your screen capture.  Here’s a brief example of captured video from our screen:

This is one of those programs that has so many uses, the only way to discover everything you can do is to use it!  So, click on the banner below and give Snagit a try.  We think you’re going to love it!

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