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By on Jan 17, 2017

Category: Email, Security

Protection concept: Computer Pc and Server Security on computer

So far, we’ve talked about the ways email passwords can be stolen while under your control.  Today, we’re going to address the one way of having your email password taken in which you have zero control – a server hack.  The most recent publicized email server hack was Yahoo.  Yahoo’s servers were hacked and customer’s passwords, security questions and answers were stolen.  There’s nothing you, personally, could have done to prevent this.  When we sign up for an email account (or any other account for that matter), we trust that the provider will be able to protect our emails and other information.  Unfortunately, in today’s world of cyber warfare, this task is become increasingly more difficult.

If what is contained in your emails is important enough to be encrypted, you might consider a service like ProtonMail or Hushmail.


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