Thanks for attending today's seminar!

Here is the PowerPoint presentation from today:

(Instructions: click on the link and then choose SAVE and save the file to your desktop or your documents.  You will need PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer to see the presentation.  You can get a free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft here: Viewer!)

You Want Me To Do What? - Part 3

Notes from today's Seminar:

Wedding Couple

Here's where you can watch the video of the young couple dancing their first wedding dance (Note to the few people who came a few minutes late:I showed this right before the seminar actually started.):

Translation Sites:

Here are the four (4) translation sites I use.  Feel free to mark them as favorites so that you can go back to them again in the future:   (Please note: this is a Ukrainian Only Translator)

Lion Kisses Rescuer

Here's the site to watch the video I showed of the lion:

Ezekiel's Chariot of Fire

Zeke is doing fine and gained 2lbs since our last seminar!  Here's the link for the nail-trimmer we purchased over the Internet:

How To Pages

Here are the direct links to the How To pages which we handed out today (Multiple Actions, Columns and Views):

I hope you are using our free How To page as there are many tutorials there.  (

iTunes and Wal-Mart Music

If you don't already have iTunes on your computer, you can download it here:

Please note that you do NOT have to sign up for their email list to download iTunes.  Simply remove the two checkmarks and then download.  If you already have iTunes on your computer, you should make sure it is up-to-date - you will usually get a pop-up window if you start iTunes and there is an update available.

As you saw today, once you have iTunes open, click on STORE at the top menu, then click on HOME on the drop-down menu which appears.  Once you are in the iTunes store, you can search for music or singers.  Try it!  Remember, you can listen to 30-second cuts for free. 

If you want to try going directly online without using iTunes, you might want to give Wal-Mart's site a look.  Here it is:

Next Seminar

Remember, we're taking July and August off from seminars.  We'll let you know the date for our September seminar as soon as we have it set.

In the meantime, we're here to answer your computer questions and help you with all your computer needs.

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