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Today, we’re introducing another new feature on our blog. In the right-hand column, where you see things like “Recent Posts,” “Recent Comments,” and “Subscribe To Blog Via Email,” we now have “Upcoming Events.” Here you’ll see a list of seminars and webinars and other events when we schedule them. We’re adding this feature because people often call or email us asking the date of our next seminar, etc. This way, if you’re here reading our blog, you can quickly glance and see what’s coming up.

Now, a favor, please. At the end of each blog post and on the blog front page, there is a “Share this” section. If you are enjoying our posts and learning from them, would you be kind enough to share our posts with others? If you use Social Media like Facebook, etc., please share using the icon. If you’re not into Social Media, there’s an Email share button, too. We want to reach as many people as we can. Yes, we advertise our blog posts but that is never as effective as someone telling others about our site. I’m going to thank you in advance for letting your friends and relatives know about our blog posts.

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