Where Does The Time Go?

An iPhone Screen Time screenshot

One of the concerns in this new digital age of ours is that we will lose real world contact. Rather than spending time communicating with people in real time, face-to-face, the fear is that we are spending too much time on our smartphones, smart watches and tablets.

The photo above is a screenshot of one of my friend’s screen time from this past week. You can see that this person spent an average of nine (9) hours and eleven (11) minutes on their phone per day. They had a weekly total of fifty-four (54) hours and twelve (12) minutes.

You might think this is the screen time of some young teenager that I know. It’s not. This is the screen time of an adult friend – an adult who has a spouse, children and a job! Surprised? In truth, I don’t think this person is an exception. As an “older” adult myself, I spent just under five hours per day on my phone last week.

If you’ve never checked your screen time, now might be a golden opportunity to do so. On an Apple device, go to Settings and scroll to Screen Time. On an Android device, go to Settings and find Digital Wellbeing. Why not do that now and see how you compare to my friend from the screenshot above!