An iPhone Peek

Screenshoot of iPhone iOS13 in dark mode.

In today’s blog post, I’m giving iPhone users a sneak peek at iOS13 which is due out in September. (With apologies to my Android users but please read on because there’s something which I hope will interest you farther down.)

The picture you see above is my iPhone in dark mode. Yes, that’s a new feature. I’m going to cover just one change in this post but there will be more info in future posts.

If you go to the App Store:

App Store icon

when it opens, it will look something like this:

App Store "Today" page.

One of the things you’ll notice is that the “updates” for your apps are in a different place. Here’s how you get there:

App store with arrow pointing to profile picutre

Click on your profile picture (green arrow pointing to it in the picture above). When you do, you see this:

Below “Purchased,” etc. you’ll see (yellow arrow above) “Updated Recently” OR you’ll see a list of apps that are ready to be updated and you can click “Update All.”

That’s how to check for app updates in iOS13. Please keep in mind, though, iOS13 is in beta and it’s possible for this feature to change before final release.

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