Online Dating – A Warning

Woman and man at computers with hearts flowing between the two computers

We see ads about online dating all the time. These ads are on TV, online when we’re shopping and on Social Media platforms. There are online dating apps for young kids, for “seniors” and for those “starting over.” According to some sources, in the US, 40 million people have used online dating sites or apps and 5% of married people or those in a committed relationship say they met their mate online.

While the stigma about online dating has faded, there are plenty of reasons to be careful. This week, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) released a warning in the form of a video about online dating. It’s only 50 seconds long, so why not have a look?

Additionally, the FTC reports that in the last year, people reported losing $143 Million in romance schemes. (That’s reported loses – there’s no doubt that some people got scammed and were too ashamed to report it.) Just last week, eighty people were arrested for various money-stealing schemes including romance scams. (Here’s the arrest information if you’re interested:,

If you happen to be “looking for love,” just make sure you’re not looking in “all the wrong places.” Online dating should be a safer way to find love compared to trolling a bar but it has its risks, too. So, be careful!