Bahamian Alert

PicTtitch photo of Bahama destruction and an aerial shot of Hurricane Dorian

An attempt to appeal to your willingness to help others.

It occurs after every natural disaster. Whether it’s a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, volcano eruption, mud slide or major flood, you can count on it happening. There will be crooks who will attempt to use Social Engineering and appeal to your willingness to help others.

What Hurricane Dorian has done to the Bahamas is heart-breaking. There are over 700 islets and islands in the Bahamas including seventeen major, well-known islands. ( Dorian has stalled over these islands for almost two days. The devastation there is unimaginable. Lives have been lost and homes totally destroyed.

Because it’s human nature to want to help, there will be people who want to donate items and/or money. Unfortunately, there are crooks who want to take advantage of our willingness to give.

This post is my warning to you. Emails will appear in your Inbox asking you to help. Social Media messages will come to you with appeals to aid the people of the Bahamas. You may also receive phone calls. Not all of these requests for help will be legitimate.

Bottom line: if you want to donate, make sure you know that you are giving to an honest organization and that your money won’t be going into the pockets of crooks!

If an appeal comes your way and you’re not sure the organization is on the up and up, you can check with the Better Business Bureau HERE or with HERE.