iPhone Spotlight Search

Dark stage with just one spotlight throwing light.

If you are an Android smart phone user, my apologies. This post is about a particular iPhone feature. Have no fear, though, I’ll be publishing a post later in the week about an Android-only feature! Please be on the lookout for that post!

Through customers and friends, I’ve found that the iPhone has a great time-saving feature that few people actually use. I thought it is time to point out how to use Spotlight Search and how to control it. I’ve created a video to share some ideas about Spotlight Search. Please take a few minutes to watch my tutorial! Also, while you’re there, I’d ask two favors: 1) if you aren’t subscribed to our YouTube channel, please take a minute to do so; 2) please watch the video all the way through – you’ll learn more and you’ll help our YouTube channel maintain good “watch time.” Here’s the video: