Don’t Do It – You’ll Drive Me Crazy

You are driving me nuts - phrase from wooden blocks with letters, to make someone very annoyed concept, random letters around, white  background

I know it’s tempting. A pop-up appears and lets you know that your computer is missing important driver updates. It goes on to say that if you just purchase, download and install a certain driver update program, you’ll be all set. Why, those drivers will speed up your computer and make everything better!

Don’t do it! Driver updates aren’t the same as software updates. I mean, basically, if a software program is installed on your computer and an update comes out, you should install it. That’s not the rule for driver updates. Often, we don’t update drivers unless there’s a real problem.

Drivers, by the way, are pieces of software needed to run hardware, like devices on your computer’s motherboard, or a printer, scanner or other external device. If a driver really needs updated, Windows or Mac updates will install them. Additionally, for Windows machines, the manufacturer may install its own driver update software. If that’s the case, no problem. Just don’t download and install outside driver update software. Often, that software is there just to cause more pop-ups and to try to sell you more “stuff.”