Get Notified – A New Way

Screen capture of our Notification Opt-in window

Here’s my two-part quandary:

1) we are associated with a lot of good companies who offer special deals just through their affiliates. (Note: unlike many sites, we don’t just associate with any company. We like to become affiliated with those with whom Joyce and I have had good experiences, whether it’s in pricing or delivery or customer service. We never put an ad up just so we can make money.) The problem is that, often, these specials are for just a day or a couple of days, etc. Since you, the blog reader, don’t come here every day, you often miss great opportunities to get a really good deal. If I sent you an email every time a new special was offered, you’d be unsubscribing from us faster than the Flash could get across down!

2) We also get security notices all the time regarding emails, Social Media or certain programs. Again, if I sent an email every time I got one of these notices…well, you get the picture!

Thus, stuck in my head was the question, “What to do?” Incredibly, Aweber, the company we use to send out our post emails, must have been thinking along the same lines. They just came out with a new product, Push Notifications. We’ve been testing it for about a week now and all looks good. What does it do? How does it work?

If you look in the right column of this page (in fact, any of our website pages), you’ll see the Opt-In option (like the picture above.) If you subscribe, your browser will show our notifications and you’ll have the opportunity to click and view the subject or just be informed. Of course, if you have a Windows 10 machine, you’ll need to make sure notifications are turned on. I covered this subject last August in my post entitled “Annoying Notifications.” Obviously, you’ll have to make sure browser notifications is turned on for whichever browser you use to subscribe to our service.

By the way, notifications won’t just be about specials with our affiliate companies. I will also push out significant alerts for security issues, etc. By using the Push Notifications, I’ll be sticking to just two blog post emails a week.

I urge you to subscribe and give it a try. You can always turn off the notification if you decide you don’t like it but I think you will! Here’s how to get started:

  • In the right-hand column, click Subscribe to the push notifications.
  • In most browsers, a pop-up will appear in the upper left-hand corner and you will need to click ALLOW.
  • If a pop-up appears that informs you the notification was blocked, click to ALLOW.
  • If you have a problem turning on notifications, click our Chat window (during business hours) or send us an email or log in to Remote Technical Support.

Did I mention the notifications won’t just be about affiliate specials? For instance, I just sent out one this morning which was a warning about a particular Facebook hack attempt. I strongly urge you to sign up today and give it a try!

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