A New Page…

Screenshot of Security Notifications web page header

If you read my post titled “Get Notified – A New Way”, you know one of the things I try to do is limit the number of emails I send to your Inbox. If you are subscribed to my blog’s email list (If you’re not, you should be!) you know that I send two emails a week. That’s where signing up for push notifications comes into play. You can get a friendly little note in your browser that I’ve posted something you might be interested in knowing. This is especially important when it comes to security alerts.

With that in mind, I’ve created a new page on this site called Security Notifications. You’ll find a link to it under the Pages area in the right-hand column of any of my posts and also at the bottom of each page in the red menu area.

Each security notice will have the date and a title followed by relevant information. You can come visit the page anytime you want or you can respond to a push notification if you’ve signed up for those.

Again, I’m trying to help you keep safe and make good use of what computing can do for you without overloading you with emails. Why not click on the Security Notifications link now and have a look at this new page? (Remember, the link is in the right-hand column and at the bottom of the page.)