Will The Real FBI Email Please Stand Up!

In the video above, Melvin Purvis – the FBI Special Agent in charge of the Chicago bureau when John Dillinger was killed – tried to stump the To Tell The Truth panel. This is pretty interesting and you might want to watch it after you’ve finished reading this post! But first…

Here are two emails I received, both claiming to be from the FBI. Which do you think is authentic? (You can click on an email to see a larger view.)

FBI Email #1

FBI Email #2

Which do you think is the real FBI email? They both are addressed to john(at)4kcc.com so that won’t help you decide. Each of them sounds official. What do you think?

If you said #1 is the real email, you might want to close up your computer and go golfing! LOL Email #2 is the real email. Notice in email #1, the sending email is a Gmail address. Although some in government have been accused of using private emails to send official business, do you really think the FBI would be sending out emails from a Gmail address? Of course not!

The second email is actually one of many I receive from the FBI as I’m a subscriber to several of their lists. I find their emails quite informative and interesting. If you’d like to subscribe, just click HERE.

The first email is just another scam – someone hoping a recipient will be gullible enough to fall for it. Don’t become a victim. Always read emails carefully before taking any action.

P.S. If you did choose email #1, before you shut down your computer and go golfing as I suggested, why not get a new golfing outfit? Just see our affiliate link for Golf Apparel Shop at the top of our “Products We Recommend” page.

P.S.S. Want to read the FBI’s official version of what happened with John Dillinger? Just click HERE.


4 thoughts on “Will The Real FBI Email Please Stand Up!

  1. Judith Nickerson

    Can you make the font darker on your blogs? It’s hard to read small print when it’s so light. Thank you for all you do for us trying to age graceful folks:). Judith

    1. Judith…the last three posts – which just came out yesterday – were done with the darkest font print my particular blog allows me to use. Hopefully, you’ll find those posts a little easier to read. ~John

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