Outgoing Email Locked?

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In my post titled “The Importance of Being Junk,” I mentioned that we use the email-handling program called AWeber. I want to tell you about this program and explain why you might want to use it, too. Granted, this won’t apply to everyone who reads my blog but if you happen to be in one of the two situations I list below, it may work for you, so please keep reading!

Scenario #1 – Let’s say you are involved with some group (e.g., the PTA, a golf or bowling team, a garden club, a community group) and it’s your job to email everyone from time to time. This could be to send out some informational update, some meeting notes or something else. Normally, you would just email out from your regular email program. (Be sure to use BCC if everyone doesn’t know each other’s email address.) However, if there are fifty (50) or more people on the list, using your email could be problematic. Why? Because email providers, in an effort to stymie spammers, have limits on how many emails you can send out per hour and per day. Providers don’t always tell you what those limits are but if you exceed them, your outgoing email will be locked and you’ll be prevented from sending emails. (This actually happened to one of my customers here in Florida. She wasn’t even in a group but she sent jokes so many times during the day to everyone in her address book that Comcast blocked her outgoing email. It was a real hassle for her to get that block removed.)

If you wanted to use your email, you could do what several of my customers do now: they divide their group of email addresses into several small lists and then send an email to one list per hour. This works but it’s annoying to do so.

Scenario #2 – Maybe you have a small business or you are starting one. You would face the same limits as those I mentioned above. Plus, you’ll want help building your email list.

The Solution For Both Scenarios – Enter AWeber! We’ve used them for this blog from the beginning and they recently made a change that makes their program affordable for everyone who falls under our two scenarios. What do I mean by affordable? Well, I mean free! Yes, if you have less than 500 email addresses in your group and send less than 3000 emails a month, you can enjoy all the benefits of AWeber at zero cost.

Your free subscription gives you: unlimited landing pages (What’s a landing page? View one of ours HERE.), unlimited sign up forms, unlimited auto campaigns and unlimited users.

One of the great features about AWeber Free is their help options: you have access to: 24/7 support and free training videos to aid you along the way. Of course, we’ve used AWeber for quite some time and we’re here to help, too.

By the way, in case you were wondering, no credit card is needed to sign up for a free account. Take a minute and watch this brief video about AWeber Free then click the banner below it and create a new account today.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.