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In my final Question of the Week email, I addressed the issue of saving passwords in a browser. Is that safe to do? I explained that I used to say “Yes.” to that question but that answer is no longer correct.

Why have I changed my mind?  Because I recently attended several webinars conducted by major security companies.  One of those webinars included input from renowned hacker Kevin Mitnick.  During the session, Kevin demonstrated how a hacker could trick a computer user into allowing access to all the stored passwords in a browser.  Kevin’s rule is simple: never store passwords in a browser.

Because the computing world changes so rapidly, sometimes it becomes necessary to re-evaluate an answer to a question and that’s exactly what has happened here.

You may be asking yourself, “I’ve already saved passwords in my browser, what do I do now?” To find out the answer to that question, please view the following video:

2 thoughts on “Delete Now!

  1. MC

    After listening the whole way through, then pausing, rewinding, starting, etc., I think your old sister has deleted the passwords from her browsers.

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