A Capital Idea

Screenshot of the Capital One Shopping extension for Microsoft Edge.

If you know anything about us, you know that Joyce and I buy from Amazon almost on a daily basis. (KCC sells on Amazon, too.) We’re Prime Business Account holders which gives us free deliveries and lots of other benefits. While great deals are often found on Amazon, I’ve recently added Capital One Shopping to my computer browsers and to my iPhone. I want to share some information about this shopping assistant with you.

First, Capital One Shopping will search for better deals when you’re looking to buy online – even on Amazon. For instance, last week, I purchased a new Brother Label Maker Kit. When I found it on Amazon, Capital One Shopping showed me another place to purchase it and that price was $45 less than what I was seeing on Amazon. On just that one purchase, I saved a bundle.

Besides saving you directly (like what happened with my Label Maker), even when Capital One Shopping can’t find you a better price, they will sometimes give you a cash credit in your account. So far, I’ve earned a Walmart $20 eGift Card and now I have another $11 balance in rewards.

Screenshot of the Capital One Shopping app on an iPhone

Capital One Shopping is available as an extension in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox (browsers); and, as an app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You don’t have to use a Capital One Credit Card to use the app or receive cash credits, in case you were wondering.

Did I mention it’s free? Oh, and just for the record, we’re not affiliated with Capital One Shopping so we have no agenda for recommending it – we just use it and like saving money!


2 thoughts on “A Capital Idea

  1. Rodney Brower

    First, am sorry to hear about Gus, but thankful he is on road to recovery.
    Second, I do very little shopping online, and recently had bad situation with Amazon, ending up sending everything back and getting refund to my CC. I do have Capital One Visa card, and would only be interested if could occasionally get better prices than from Amazon. Should I even bother about this??

    1. Rod…thanks for your well-wishes for Gus! Yes, the Capital One Shopping is worth installing and setting up an account. I just saved another $25 today by using it. ~John

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