Two More Brochures

As I mentioned in my post of January 21, 2021 (Our Most Popular Brochures), because of the Pandemic, we haven’t had any live seminars. In fact, it’s been a year since our last one! We hope we can hold a live event on the Florida’s Treasure Coast in the near future!

Also, as I mentioned in that same post, I often hand out brochures at the seminars. I shared two of them on that post and I want to share two more here. (Remember, you can click the square in the lower right-hand corner to view them full screen.)

The first one is about Malware and Ransomware. Currently, Ransomware is the biggest threat on the Internet. Please take a moment to review this brochure.

The second brochure I want to share covers email traps often used by hackers and it gives you some hints on how to avoid them. Just this week alone, I’ve had several calls or emails from customers asking if a particular email is a scam. Have a look:

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  1. Ernest Lampreda

    This is great info and it helped me explain this problem to my wife. She is one of those computer illerate people and I need to explain a lot of things to her.Thanks for putting this info in terms she can understand.

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