Did You Notice?

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Last week, something new began to show up on my blog posts. Did you happen to notice what started to appear at the bottom of each post?

A number of people have mentioned to be that they would love to be able to print some of my missives. Well, now you can! Or, you can save them as a PDF. How? Just use one of the icons now found at the bottom of each article I write. The icons look like this:

If you want to print a post, just click on the printer and your device’s print dialog should appear. If you’d rather keep what I’ve written as a PDF, just click on that icon instead. Then, when the PDF appears. save it to your computer. One little catch with saving as a PDF: at the moment, pictures in the post show up as black boxes with red Xs. (This doesn’t happen when you print.) We’re working on a solution but we’re not there yet!


2 thoughts on “Did You Notice?

  1. Catherine

    I’m not one who requested this option, but it’s a great one, Bro! Thanks for listening to your customers!

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