Scam Email Examples

Guy looking up at the word "Examples" in an effort to identify scam email examples.

I want to share with you some scam email examples. I get so many of them every day. Plus, we get lots of calls or Remote Technical Support log-ins regarding these types of emails. It just seems a good idea to share some of them. In each photo sample I post, feel free to click on the image to see the scam in larger print.

Scam Email Example #1 – I Have To Share Bad News With You

Screen capture of a scam email example about pornography and using the emotion of fear.

I actually did a separate post just for this scam back in February but this one deserves a second look. In this email, the scammer tries to convince you that he/she has gotten into your account and knows that you go to pornographic sites. As is often the case, this scammer uses the Social Engineering principle of fear in an attempt to motivate you to pay them. Of course, if you never go to porn sites, you’d know immediately that it was a scam attempt. Still, even if you do visit those kinds of sites, the email is still a fake.

Do You Have An Amazon Account?

Screen capture of a friend asking you if you have an Amazon account

This scam email almost always comes from someone you know. The principle of wanting to help people is behind this Social Engineering attempt. Their email has been hacked and this email is sent to those in the hacked address book. You should never reply to these types of emails but, rather, call or text the person to let them know they’ve been hacked.

Scam Email Example #3 – Cloud Storage Hacked

Screen capture of a scam email example  claiming they have hacked your cloud storage.

In this scam email, the hacker tries to convince you that they have accessed your online cloud storage. They want you to think that they now have all your data. Once again, fear is used to convince you to pay up.

American Express Pending Payment

Screen capture of a pending American Express payment

If you’ve read my post, The Weakest Link In The Chain you know that this American Express scam email is using the Social Engineering principle of tapping into your dreams. I mean, who wouldn’t want an unexpected payment of almost $1,500? If you receive an email like this one, don’t click to open the attachment or the “Approve payment” link.

Account Notification

Screen capture of a scam email example undelivered emails.

This scam email tries to convince you that you have undelivered emails. Whatever you do, don’t click the “Download your emails” link!

Scam Email Example #6 – QuickBooks

Screen capture of a QuickBooks upgrade causing your account to be put on hold.

Just like you knew the pornography email was fake because you don’t go to those kinds of sites, you’d know this is fake if you don’t use QuickBooks. However, this email is often aimed at businesses like 4KCC where we do use QuickBooks. The tip-off that this is fake is in the salutation. Intuit would definitely know my name and wouldn’t refer to me as a “Valued Customer.” The second hint is the poor grammar in the email. If you get this, mark it spam.

Let’s Review – Scam Email Examples

It’s important that you always think before you click, tap or call some phone number in an email. Scammers are definitely out there. Email is one of the primary ways they use in an attempt to steal your money. Be smarter than the scammers!

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  1. Catherine

    Very good examples. You do a great job, Bro, of informing people about so many different things! Very proud of you!

  2. Carol Bishop

    I have much going on lately and have not had a chance to read your blogs but have saved them all so when I have time I can read them. This is the first one of many I am delving into. It will take me time but I plan on checking them all out because they are very helpful and since I am not a wiz with the computer I rely on you, John, to keep me on the straight and narrow.

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