Windows 11: Developer’s Edition

Timeline for Windows 11: Developer's Edition; then beta; then public

You may recall I talked about not panicking over Windows 11. (In case you didn’t read what I wrote, you’ll find it in my post, “Stay Open-minded About Windows 11.”) Every time a new operating system comes out, whether Windows or Mac, people go crazy with theories, worries and doubts. I urge you to not do that.

Developer’s Edition

I’m currently working with the Windows 11 Developer’s Edition. I will tell you that, right off the bat, Windows 11 has worked very well. I’ve installed a ton of programs that I have on my Windows 10 main computer without a hitch. Yes, there are some functions of Windows 11 itself that don’t work correctly yet. However, the Microsoft team is working on problems and making corrections pretty quickly.

I want you to keep in mind that the Developer’s Edition is really the first phase of bringing out a new operating system. Next, we’ll have the Beta Edition. This version is a more stable operating system and Microsoft offers it to a wider audience. Only after these two steps have completed will Windows 11 be offered to the general public.

Why Not Have A Look At Windows 11: Developer’s Edition

Since everyone can’t download and install the Developer’s Edition (nor should everyone), I thought I’d offer you a peek into Windows 11 and some of the differences and changes from Windows 10. With that idea in mind, here’s a video I just posted today. If you have questions after you’ve watched it, please use the comment area below. Or, if you watch on YouTube, use the comment area below the video itself. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Windows 11: Developer’s Edition

  1. Ernie Lampreda

    Great info on Windows 11, I look forward to seeing the whole thing on my computer. Be nice to play with. Thanks John for the info.

    1. Ernie…I’m looking forward to playing with Win 11 more myself. So far, things have run smoothly and I installed it on an older laptop. But, more about that in my next Windows 11 video. 🙂

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