Talk To The Stars

A field of stars - can you talk to the stars?

Have you ever wanted to talk to the stars? No, not the ones high up in the sky. I mean those who people consider stars a.k.a. celebrities. Did you know, thanks to the Internet, you can do just that?


If you visit the App Store or the Google Play Store, search for the app called “Cameo.” You’ll find it available for your smart phone and your tablet. With this app, you can send direct messages to celebs. You can also request a personal video for you or for a friend. For Joyce’s last birthday, I had Alicia Witt send her a video “Happy Birthday” message. Alicia was sweet and even sang a little tune for Joyce! For me, I’m a big Taylor Cole fan and she made a number of videos for me. (See her latest at the end of this post!)

Is It Free To Talk To The Stars?

If you talk to the stars in the sky, that’s free. If you want to talk to the stars on Cameo, get your wallet ready. Want to have Master P make a video for you? That will cost you $299.99. How about Kenny G? A mere $399.99 gets you a video from him. Are you a Dancing With The Stars fan? Do you miss Erin Andrews? A video from her will cost you $299.

Is Every Star That Expensive?

Fortunately, not every celeb on Cameo costs as much as the examples above. For instance, Taylor Cole is $54.99 for a video and all of the money, less the Cameo transaction fee, goes to the Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe. (Some of those on the app create videos for charity, some for their own pocket. The app shows an icon when it’s for charity.) Additionally, as I mentioned, many celebrities will exchange personal DMs (Direct Messages) for a lot less money.

Is It Worth The Money?

You might wonder if it’s worth the money to “talk to the stars.” My answer is the Microsoft answer – it depends! For instance, having Alicia Witt create a video for Joyce’s birthday – that was priceless. It was different, fun and something outside the norm. It was worth it. Whether it’s something you should do is up to you. My suggestion? Download and install the Cameo app then explore it. It costs you nothing to look at the stars you’ll find. It only costs you to talk to them!


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