5 Awesome YouTube Dance Mashup Videos

Pair of dancers dancing ballroom. Color dust effect background - intro to Awesome YouTube Dance Mashup Videos

I want to share 5 awesome YouTube Dance Mashup Videos with you! In a previous post, I’ve shared my 5 favorite YouTube music-related channels. Plus, I’ve referred to YouTube in many other posts. Why am I pushing YouTube?

There’s A Selfish Reason But There’s More To It Than That

Naturally, I want you to get used to using YouTube so you’ll visit my own YouTube channel. There, you’ll find lots of “How To” videos related to computing. Of course, I want you to sign up (subscribe), watch my videos and “Like” them, too. That’s my selfish reason.

However, there are other reasons. First, the more you explore the Net, the more you learn. This is especially true on YouTube. Second, when you view YouTube videos like the ones I’m highlighting today, you realize there are tons of talented people “out there.” Finally, I want to encourage you to use your own talents to create your own YouTube channel. (I’ll have more on that idea in later posts.)

Awesome YouTube Dance Mashup Video #1

‘Dancing On The Ceiling’ – An Old School Mash Up

Awesome Video #2

‘Step Back In Time’ – Old School Dance Mashup

Dance Mashup Video #3

Movie stars dancing to…’I’m So Excited!’

Awesome YouTube Dance Mashup Video #4


Last But Not Least

Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

To Sum It Up

When you watch any of these awesome dance YouTube videos, think about the hours and hours of work that went into their creation! Those who put these videos together are extremely talented and/or have the patience of Job!

In case these 5 videos weren’t enough for you, I have a playlist of these and other awesome YouTube dance mashup videos on my channel. You can find the full list HERE.

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