Windows 11 Is Coming October 5th

Laptop with Windows 11 - Windows 11 is coming Octber 5th.

Many people are surprised by today’s Microsoft announcement: Windows 11 is coming October 5th! Most of us were expecting the release to be closer to Christmas.

What This Means

On October 5, 2021, eligible Windows 10 PCs will be offered the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 11. Notice that Microsoft states “offered the opportunity.” For now, it appears that you will not be forced to upgrade to Windows 11. It will be your choice.

As you may know, I’ve been running Windows 11 on one of my laptops since the Developer’s version first became available. I’ve had zero issues. Every program I’ve installed worked perfectly. I’m telling you this so you won’t be “afraid” to upgrade!

Additionally, new computers will go on sale with Windows 11 pre-installed. You might want to consider a new computer if your computer falls in the “average life-span” column. (Laptops: 3.5 years; Desktops and All-in-ones: 5 years.)

Some Of The New Features Coming October 5th

Windows 11 computers will be faster and safer than any previous PC. In addition, there are some features included which I personally really like. Let me share a couple of them with you.

Different Desktop Backgrounds

One of nice features of Windows 10, was multiple desktops. The idea was you could make a single monitor act like multiple monitors. You were able to have different programs and folders open on the various desktops. Plus, you could get to them easily with just a few key strokes.

Although I really like this feature in Windows 10, I stopped using it. Why? Unfortunately, the desktops became confusing since they all had the same background. If you changed your background on one desktop, they all changed to the same one. This really hindered the organizational skill of using multiple desktops.

The good news is that in Windows 11, you can have different backgrounds on each of the desktops you create. I will definitely be using this feature in Windows 11.

A Centered Start Menu

I can already hear the moaning and groaning about this new feature. (Please read my post, “Stay Open-minded About Windows 11.”) Since Windows 95, the Start Menu, by default, has always been in the lower left-hand corner. In Windows 11, by default, the Start Menu is in the center of the taskbar.

You might wonder why Microsoft would make this move. I’m not privy to all the reasons but I will share what I think. First, from my own personal experience, if you’re using a touch device, it’s a lot easier to access Start Menu items when it’s centered on the taskbar. Plus, moving it there gives a fresh new look to Windows.

Oh, there are other new, fresh looks, too. Many windows have rounded edges. Additionally, many windows are more transparent. All these changes really do give Windows a lift in appearance.

Before You Upgrade Or Purchase A New Computer

Before you upgrade or purchase a new computer, check with us. We’ll help you with your decision to upgrade or not. Of course, if you’re looking for a new computer with Windows 11, we get some great deals. Plus, if you buy from us, you’ll understand what’s inside of the computer and what it all means to you.

If you want to read more about Windows 11, right from Microsoft, click HERE.

You might also want to watch my video on Windows 11. It was created back when the Developer’s edition was released, so there might be a few changes but it will give you a good idea.