Windows 11 Changes: 5 You Should Know About

Windows 11 default wallpaper

Here are 5 Windows 11 changes you should know about! Whether you’ve already upgraded to 11 or purchased a new computer with 11, you should know about these changes. If you haven’t decided whether your going to upgrade or stay with Windows 10, perhaps what I share will influence your decision.

Windows 11 Changes – #1: The Start Menu

By default, the start menu in Windows 11 is centered at the bottom.

Windows 11 Start Menu centered on the Task bar.

Although there is a setting option to move the Start Menu to the left on the task bar, I urge you to leave it where it is and give it a try. For me, I like having it in the center – especially on touch devices.

#2: The Taskbar Right-click Menu

In previous versions of Windows, if you right-clicked on the task bar, you’d receive a large menu of things you could do. In Windows 11, there’s only one option: Taskbar Settings.

Change #3: The Power Options

Although the Power Options in Windows 11 are the same as in Windows 10, getting to them is slightly different. In Windows 11, when you click on the Start Menu, you’ll find the Power Options icon on the right. If you click it, you get the same menu as in 10.

Windows 11 Changes: #4 – Right-click Menu On File or Folder

In Windows 11, you’ll find some icons to perform some of the normal tasks you might perform. When you right-click on a file or folder, instead of seeing an all character menu, you’ll see icons for Cut, Copy, Rename, Share and Delete. Here’s an example:

Windows 11 Changes: icons on right-click menu when on file or folder.

You might note that, while there are icons are the top of this menu, “Show more options” appears at the bottom. If you click on that, you get the Windows 10 menu you were used to using.

Change #5: Different Backgrounds For Desktops

Having multiple monitors is nice. You can have different programs on multiple screens so you don’t have to keep switching. Did you know that, in Windows 10, even if you have only one monitor, you can different desktops? (If you’re not familiar with this option, you might take a few minutes and read about it, here.) I rarely used this feature in Windows 10 for one reason – you couldn’t change the background on the different desktops so it was confusing to use. As I explained in my post, “Windows 11 Is Coming October 5th,” you can now change the backgrounds. This makes the process so much more organized. This is one of my favorite features of Windows 11.


If you have questions about these changes or others in Windows 11, use the comment area below and I’ll get back to you!

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