Microsoft and Apple Won’t Do This

You need to remember that Microsoft and Apple won’t do this: they won’t, really. What won’t they do? They won’t cause pop-ups to appear which try to scare you. No pop-ups telling you to not turn your computer off. Or, asking you to call a toll-free number. No pop-ups telling you there’s a zillion infections on your machine. By the way, they don’t call you, either.

My Soapbox

It’s difficult to believe but it’s now been five (5) years since I shared my first video about this issue. (Keep Your Money – Don’t Get Taken In By A Scam) Yet, even this week – the week before Christmas – I had three customers call me about this. Unfortunately, one of them fell for the scam and allowed someone onto his computer.

It’s All About Social Engineering

The easiest way a scammer can get your money is by fooling you via Social Engineering. I’ve talked about this a million times here in my blog. Still, for some people, my preaching isn’t sinking in. It’s pretty simple, actually. Microsoft, Apple and Google will never use any of the three basic methods of Social Engineering to get you to do something. In case you’ve forgotten, here are they are:

  • By using fear or panic
  • Appealing to your willingness to help others
  • By attempting to tap into your dreams

If you want to see examples of these methods, please re-read my post, Social Engineering: The Weakest Link In The Chain.

But, John, They Won’t Go Away

One of the reasons people fall for these scams is their inability to get them off the screen. In desperation, people will call the scammer’s phone number. Don’t do it! Want to know how to get rid of these fake pop-ups? Simple. Hold down the physical button that you use to turn your computer on. Hold it down for 10 seconds – ignore that the screen goes black in about 3 seconds – keep holding until the 10 seconds are up. Wait 10 minutes. Restart your computer. When you open up your browser, do NOT click on “Restore Tabs” if it appears. That’s it. Easy.

A Question We Hear All The Time

People often ask me why their anti-virus doesn’t block these scam pop-ups. Anti-virus software can only block pop-ups that contain infections. These scam pop-ups contain NO infections. There’s nothing wrong with the pop-up except the words which try to manipulate you into doing something stupid.

I Hate To Sound Egotistical

I recognize that this sounds self-serving but here’s a rule I’d like you to adopt: don’t allow anyone else on your computer but us! (

4 thoughts on “Microsoft and Apple Won’t Do This

  1. Bill Clark

    John as always,very good instructions, and to be sure I will NOT let any one on my computer.

    Thanks for all the good you have accomplished.

  2. James I. Brucia

    Dear John and Family, You may not remember me, but several years I took your series of classes in my home and I have remembered your teachings ever since. The only reason I am thinking about purchasing a new computer while in Florida is that you are nearby to set the whole thing up and make the transition easy. So, if and when I get the yen to get something, I’ll be in touch. By the way, the way it was Marilynne Emmons (George’s (RIP)) wife who first suggested I call you to help me with the many questions I had. So I can attest that you truly do speak English and not GEEK.
    Our best wishes to you and your family for a truly blessed and Merry Christmas with the best of luck in the New Year.
    Jim and Josephine Brucia, Pierpoint Condominiums

    1. Jim and Josephine…Thank you so much for your very nice comments. I’ll be happy to help you with a new computer – whether you buy it from me or from someone else, I’ll head you in the right direction. Just let me know when you’re ready.

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