My App Pick For February

Screenshot of the Microsoft Translator app in the Apple App Store.

Today I want to share my app pick for February.

Microsoft Translator

In today’s world, where we “meet” online with people from countries all over the world, being able to communicate is critical. Oh, and not just online. We meet people IRL1 who don’t speak our language. Again, communication is critical.

Let me give you an example. When the new house across the street was being built, there were lots of workers on site. One day, one of them approached me outside. He came towards me holding his smartphone facing outward. When he brought it close enough to my face, I could see what was on the screen. He had the Microsoft Translator app open. In English, it asked, “Do you have a shovel I may borrow?” I could see that his language was Portugese. I may have never understood him except for the Microsoft Translator app.

Yes, There Are Other Translator Apps

People often ask my opinion on different apps. Since I know that happens, I try many apps that are built to do the same thing. So it is with translator apps. I’ve tried a ton of them. I’ve found that the Microsoft Translator app is more accurate in translating. Plus, it’s easy to use.

Let’s Have A Look At My App Pick For Feburary

Let’s take a look at its opening screen (as seen on an iPhone).

Screenshot of the Microsoft Translator opening screen.

As you can probably tell from the picture, you can use various ways to get a translation. You can speak with the microphone or you can use the keyboard to type. Additionally, you can have a conversation with someone speaking a different language. Finally, you can translate a photo. Here’s a screenshot of an English sentence I had translated into Italian:

Screenshot of my app pick for February - Microsoft Translator and a translation from English to Italian.

Where Can You Get My App Pick For February?

The app is available for your smart phones and your tablets: in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you’ve never used this app, download it and give it a try. Besides being useful, it’s fun!

1 – IRL – In Real Life


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  1. Jay Cohn

    have been using Translator for over a year – it is the best – next door neighbor are from Cuba and we communicate by using this app

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