Five Important Videos You Need To Watch

I want to share five important videos from our YouTube Channel. I realize this post will sound self-promoting but I promise you, it’s based on what we are seeing in Remote and hearing over the phone.

Why Do I Have A YouTube Channel?

There are a number of reasons I have a YouTube Channel. At the top of this list is my desire to help people with their computer problems or questions. Selfishly, my second motive is that creating and sharing a video is more manageable than repeating myself! With that in mind, in this post, I am sharing 5 videos that could save you money and aggravation if you’ve watched them.

What If You’ve Already Seen The Videos I’m Sharing?

Even if you have seen any of these before, please watch them again. The subject of the first video below is one we constantly deal with. Even though the video was made six years ago, I still have customers and newcomers who fall for the Social Engineering involved.

I realize you’re busy but I promise you, absorbing the information in these videos is worth your time.

Before I List The Videos

Besides asking you to watch all of these videos, I have a favor to ask. Actually, three favors.

  1. If you have a Google Account, please “like” these videos on YouTube.
  2. If you have a Google Account, please comment on any or all of them.
  3. Whether you have a Google Account or not, please share these videos with others.

Click on each picture to view the video on our YouTube channel. Thanks!

Probably The Most Important Video

Avoid scam video from our YouTube Channel.

I can’t say enough about this video. I’ve had customers who responded to the scam pop-ups and wound up getting into all kinds of trouble. Crooks have: stolen the person’s money; locked them out of their own computer; and, harassed them on the phone. If you don’t watch any other video on this page, please watch this one.

Important Video #2

The second of my faborite videos - how to restore Windows 11

Several times a month, we have a customer call because programs and apps are missing. Unfortunately, when people get into trouble on their computer, they often make the mistake of resetting it. When that happens, the machine goes back to the way it was out of the box. Any applications or programs installed after the computer was purchased are removed. We’ve had customers lose Quicken, Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, games, email programs, browsers, and lots more. You really need to watch this video!

Disregard Microsoft And Google

Image with "Do This Now! - another of the important videos/

I know – KCC is just a little business, especially when compared to Microsoft or Google. Still, in this case, you need to forget what they say, and follow the instructions I’m sharing here. If you watch it, you’ll understand why.

Stay Safe On Facebook – Important Video #4

Facebook - privacy, security and notifications

A lot of you reading this post probably have Facebook. Unfortunately, many of you haven’t a clue about keeping your profile and its information secure. If you watch this and follow the suggestions, you’ll be much safer online on Facebook.

Important Video To Make You A Computer Detective

Become a dective when dealing with emails.

Emails are the primary target of Social Engineering. Watching and learning from this video could save you hundreds of dollars and lots of aggravation.

Summing It Up

Believe it or not, I’m not pointing out these training sessions because I want you to see my picture. I’m trying to help all the computer users I can – one person at a time. Please give these a view and pass them on to friends and family. Comments? Just use the area below or the area under each one on YouTube.