4 Greeting Card Apps For Your Phone

American Greetings phone app screen capture

Let’s look at 4 greeting card apps for your phone!

Today, people are using their phones for things they used to do on their computers. They can bank online, see where an item is located in a retail store they’re at, view the cameras they have in their homes, and much, much more. In this post, I’ll share four of my favorite greeting card phone apps. After all, if you can perform all those other tasks, why not send e-cards to your friends and family?

Greeting Card App #1

One of my favorite electronic greeting card apps to use is American Greetings. The picture above is a screenshot from their iPhone app which I use often. At the top of the picture is their new SmashUp card featuring “Weird Al” Yankovic. I’ve already sent it to a number of people and I’ve received it from others, too. Regardless, it’s so convenient having it on my phone. I can send a card on the fly without having to be at home in front of my computer. Yes, the app is in the Google Play Store on Android, too.

Star In Your Own E-Greeting Card – App #2

One of the funniest e-cards sites is JibJab. Fortunately, they have an app for Android and for iPhone. The great thing about these cards is you can star in them yourself. You can include others, also. If you want to see me going crazy in one of these cards, just click on this picture:

Screenshot link to a crazy JibJab I made.

4 Greeting Card Apps For Your Phone – App #3

She was pretty much the first to create the “story” e-cards and she has made a real name for herself. Jacquie Lawson cards are real favorites, especially with those of us a little older. I often receive these cards from relatives and they are very heart-warming. Just like the other apps in the post, there’s a Jacquie Lawson app in both app stores – Apple and Google. Here’s a screenshot of the app on my phone:

Screenshot of the Jacquie Lawson phone app.

App #4 – It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

This is the app for a very popular online e-card site – 123Greetings. You can upgrade to the Pro edition – thus eliminating ads – for $2.99 a year. Again, the app is available for Android and iPhone. The app looks like this on the iPhone:

Screenshot of the 123Greeting card app for iPhone.


It seems all this technology just moves us farther and farther apart. Yet, with these apps, we can keep in touch with our family and friends easily. We can send a sweet or a funny or a serious card while we’re sitting on the subway, stuck at a draw bridge, or waiting in line for a place to park.

Like most apps for phones, these apps will show ads if you don’t have a membership. Luckily, you can try them out before purchasing and if you decide you don’t like them, you can just send them to the trash bin!


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