iOS 16 Is Here!

iOS 16 is here! If you’re an iPhone user, this post is for you! If you’re an iPad aficionado, you’ll need to wait a few more weeks for the release of iPad OS16.

Why Upgrade To iOS 16?

I often get asked whether a person should upgrade their device – no matter what computing device it is. My answer is always the same: “Yes!” I know, we hear horror stories about some device crashing after an update or upgrade. However, we work on about 150 computing devices a week and these types of crashes are very, very rare. Updates and upgrades always include better security. Just this one fact makes installation worth it. So it is with the iPhone and this new version. You should definitely move to iOS 16 as soon as possible. Of course, as always, make sure your iPhone is backed up – just in case!

What’s New

Besides the security improvements that are behind the scenes, there are lots of other advances. Let’s look at a few of them:

The Lock Screen

You now have the ability to change lock screen backgrounds.
You can add widgets to the lock screen.
Want to choose customer fonts and colors? You can do that, too.
Lock screens can be tied to Focus Modes for automatic changes.*

*Focus Modes – find out how to use them HERE.


Make a grammatical mistake when sending a message? You now have 15 minutes to edit the message!
Instead of editing, do you want to undo a message? You now have 2 minutes to do just that.
Are you in a hurry and can’t reply to a message you just read? Now, you can mark it “unread” so you’ll remember to get back to it later.


With iOS 16, you can now schedule an email to be sent at a specific time.
Ever write an email and forget to add the attachment? Now, you’ll get a message if you forget to add the attachment or if you forget to put in a recipient.
Similar to marking a message “unread,” you can mark an email “remind me” by selecting a time and date to do just that.

There’s Lots More

There are many more improvements and changes in iOS 16. The main purpose of this post, though, is to urge you to upgrade your iPhone as soon as possible. I’ll be expanding on how to use these and other new features in upcoming posts. Keep an eye out for them!


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