Adobe Express – App Of The Month

Adobe Express is my app of the month, for November 2022. There are lots of reasons I’ve chosen this photo app. First, there’s a versatile free version. Second, it’s available in the App Store (Apple) and the Google Play Store. Third, I’ve just created a ten-video training program at a great price!

Adobe Express – What Can It Do?

With Adobe Express, you can create banners, greeting cards, flyers, brochures, and Social Media posts. Even if you don’t want to get that fancy, you can simply add text to a photo, remove the background, and even animate. (Some features are only available in the subscription version as you’ll see below.)

Free vs Paid

Here are the things included with the free version of Adobe Express:

Thousands of unique templates, design assets, and Adobe Fonts.

More than enough Adobe Fonts to get your message out.

A limited collection of royalty-free Adobe Stock free collection photos.

Basic editing and photo effects including: remove background and animate.

Create on both web and mobile.

2GB of storage.

Here are the additional capabilities of the subscription version:

All premium templates and design assets.

Over 20,000 licensed Adobe Fonts, curved type, grids, and font pairs.

Entire collection of over 160 million royalty-free Adobe Stock collection photos.

Premium features like: refine cutout, resize, and graphic groups.

Plan, schedule, and publish social media content across multiple channels.

Add your branding, logo, colors, and fonts in one tap.

Convert & export to and from PDFs and other file types.

Share your templates and assets with Creative Cloud Libraries.

Create on both web and mobile.

100GB of storage.

Help! It Sounds Complicated!

Truth be told, I’ve found Adobe Express to be one of the friendliest photo programs available. Yes, there are lots of options but it has great templates from which you can start. Whether you just want to fix a few photos or if you want to really get into working with photos, Adobe Express is a great place to start.

What About This Ten-Video Course?

I now have a ten-video course available for Adobe Express. It’s one video a week (no matter when you start) and each video has instructions, a quiz to see how you’re doing, and lots more. Today and tomorrow, for Cyber Monday, I’m offering $20 off the course. To see a very brief video of just a small number of the things you can do in Adobe Express, click the video below. To read all about the course itself and to sign up, click HERE.