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Snipping Tool vs Snagit - and my face with crazy expersion

Snipping Tool vs Snagit – Let’s Start With The Snipping Tool

In Windows 10 and 11, there’s a tool called the Snipping Tool.” You use it to do advanced screen capturing, i.e. take a screenshot. You can capture an entire window or part of one. Either way, once you have the picture, you can do some different things with it. You can use a colored pen to write on it or you can use a highlighter. Additionally, you can crop, use an eraser, and much more. In the newest version of the Snipping Tool, it automatically saves your screen captures.

For many people, the Snipping Tool is enough. It has limited but simple tools and, perhaps of most importance, it’s free. It’s already built into the Windows 10 and 11 operating systems.

But What If You Want More?

For some computer users, the Snipping Tool just won’t cut it. If you want to be able to add text; blur out faces, images, and text; or add shapes and callouts, then Snagit is probably for you. All of the basic features of the Snipping Tool are also in Snagit but much, much more. Plus, Snagit will also create video screen captures. That’s a major plus for some computer users!

If there is a negative in our battle of Snipping Tool vs Snagit it’s that Snagit isn’t free. Still, if you want or need its advanced features, it’s worth shelling out a small amount of cash. Also, TechSmith – the creators of Snagit offer a yearly maintenance plan that allows you to get upgrades for a significant discount.

Want To See Snipping Tool vs Snagit In Action?

If you want to see the bout between the Snipping Tool and Snagit, just click HERE. One item to note: the automatic saving of screenshots in the Windows Snipping Tool is a feature just added so it does not appear in the video that you’ll see when you click.

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