A.I. in Microsoft Edge

A.I. in Microsoft Edge! It’s only the beginning! Soon, Google Chrome will have Bard. (I’m testing it now.) Welcome to the new world of computing!

Remember What I Did?

If you’re a 4KCC Blog dedicated reader, you may recall my post from February 13, 2023: “The History of Artificial Intelligence: A Timeless Journey.” You might also remember that in the post that followed it, “How I Wrote ‘The History of Artificial Intelligence: A Timeless Journey’” I explained that Artificial Intelligence had actually written the post. The use of A.I. has now taken a large step forward in our everyday lives.

Microsoft is leading the way regarding the inclusion of A.I. in a browser and in searches. The updated Edge now includes a toolbar showing an A.I.-assisted Bing search. You can use the “chat” function and ask it questions and it will do the research for you. You can even qualify the answers by using one of three options – “More Creative,” “More Balanced,” and “More Precise.”

Beyond chatting with it, you can ask it to “Compose.” It will write letters, emails and more based on the information you give it. Finally, you can use the “Insights” feature to see what’s popular and what’s current, especially in the news world.

There’s a settings menu that allows you to: adjust “Permissions and privacy,” and “Notifications.” Additionally, you can snooze and unsnooze previous interactions with the A.I.

Like any change, there’ll be a learning curve when it comes to using this new Edge feature. Luckily, I’ve created a YouTube video showing its usage and also sharing some concerns. I highly recommend that you take a few minutes to click on the photo below and watch the video. (When you do, please “like” and “share” the video and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done so already.)

A.I. in Microsoft Edge thumbnail from my video

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