You Need To Subscribe To These 4 YouTube Channels

You need to subscribe to these 4 YouTube Channels – I kid you not! As you might know, from time to time, I like to point out YouTube videos you should watch. In August of 2021, I shared 5 Awesome YouTube Dance Mashup Videos. Earlier that year, in June, I suggested you watch my 5 Favorite Music-related YouTube Channels. Today, I don’t want to talk about videos you should watch. Rather, I want to talk about Channels to which you should subscribe.

Subscribe To This Channel First

4KCC YouTube Channel header

It should be no surprise that I’m asking you to subscribe to our channel. If you’ve already done that, thanks! If not, just click on the picture above and subscribe! Not sure how to do that, you’ll find all the directions you need HERE.


Before I move on to the other three channels I’m recommending, I want to talk about playlists. My site and the others all have playlists. You’ll find “Playlists” in the menu at the top of each channel. Playlists can help you find what you want. For instance, on my channel, I currently have 171 videos. Instead of trolling through all those, you could simply go to my Playlists and pick out the category you want. Maybe you have a question about Windows 11. Right now, I have 8 videos in that list and there are more to come. The channels that follow also all have playlists.

My Next Channel Suggestion

You Need To Subscribe To These 4 YouTube Channels - HISTORY channel

The HISTORY Channel is one of my favorite YouTube Channels! (Remember, click on the photo above to go to the Channel.) Playlists will really help you here. Some of my favorite ones are:

  • The Men Who Built America (16 videos)
  • Abraham Lincoln (7 videos)
  • The Machines That Built America (10 videos)
  • This Week In History (11 videos)

The Third Channel

The TED YouTube Channel

The TED channel is one of the most interesting channels because of the variety of people who give TED Talks. Additionally, many of the videos available are courses you can take. The playlists here cover topics like:

  • How To Master Life’s Transitions (16 videos)
  • Our Changing Climate (65 videos)
  • How To Boost Your Brain and Memory (18 videos)
  • TED Shorts (72 videos)

One of the funniest TED talks was this one (click on the photo to view) about email spam:

A funny spam-related TED talk.

The 4th Channel To Which You Should Subscribe

You Need To Subscribe To These 4 YouTube Channels - Smithsonian

Here’s another Channel that is so interesting and vast. Notice, it has 3.3K videos posted. You could spend weeks (maybe months) watching these videos. Of course, I have my favorite playlists:

  • Grateful For Animals (13 videos)
  • Queen Elizabeth II 1926-1922 (14 videos)
  • Mighty Trains (3 videos)
  • Amazing Dogs (12 videos)

You Need To Subscribe To These 4 YouTube Channels – Conclusion

The knowledge you can gain by subscribing to these 4 channels is almost incomprehensible. Start your journey today by taking my advice. Subscribe, explore the playlists, watch videos, and have fun!