Website Menu Change

screenshot of the old 4KCC Menu before the website menu change.

Today I made a website menu change! The old menu at the top of our pages is pictured above. Here’s the new top menu:

Website Menu Change screenshot - the new menu

Why Did I Make A Change?

Most of us aren’t really fond of change, are we? (Still, for some quotes about the positive side of change, click HERE.) However, sometimes you just have to make changes to move forward.

Why did I make this change on my website? Let me explain. If you look at the top photo, you’ll see that the menu items were drop-downs. Notice the small, red down arrow beside each one. If you had clicked on one of those arrows, you would have seen other pages below the main page at the top. Here’s the problem…people were coming to our website and not realizing that the drop-down menu categories at the top had other things under them! What good is a website menu if you can’t find anything?

What’s Different Now!

The new top menu, pictured in the second photo, only has category headings. There are no drop-downs. When you click or tap on a category, it takes you to a page with various links. Let’s look at an example. If we select “Buy From Us,” you get this page:

Screen capture of the Buy From Us page on our website

As you can see, there is a brief description of each area on our site that pertains to the category heading and there is a link. This type of page layout should allow everyone to find what they are after!

Please Give The Website Menu Change A Try

Now it’s time to ask a favor: would you please be kind enough to go to the top of any of our website pages and try out the new menu? If you find anything that’s not working correctly, please let me know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Website Menu Change

  1. Ernest Lampreda

    Going through the new menu is really simple and very informative. The old one was okay and I understood the drop-down menus but the new is easier. I was impressed with the By From Us menu which I will discuss with you when I am ready to buy a new one. Keep up the great blogs. Thanks Ernis

  2. Patricia Kaligian

    You and your team are the very best. So happy to have you taking care of my computer.

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