Forget Those Other Cleanup Programs

Finally, you can forget those other cleanup programs. If you’re a Windows user, it’s always nice to clean out the temporary and other unneeded files to regain hard drive space. Sometimes cleaning out can even help speed up your computer a bit.

In the past, you either had to use the Cleanup that was built-in to Windows (see my video HERE.) or you would get a third-party app. Many people use CCleaner for this purpose but there are lots of other programs, too. Unfortunately, not all of these programs are safe to use.

Windows PC Manager Home tab screen which shows you why you can Forget Those Other Cleanup Programs.
  • Open the Microsoft Store.
  • In the search bar at the top of the store, search for Microsoft PC Manager.
  • When it appears, download and install it.
  • The app will stay in the icon area in the lower right-hand corner of the taskbar. You may need to click the UP arrow to see it.
  • When it’s open, look at the area that tells you how many temporary files you have. (Make sure you’re on the HOME tab located on the left.)
  • Click the Boost button.
  • Viola! Your temporary files are gone!