Snipping Tool vs Snagit

Snipping Tool vs Snagit – Let’s Start With The Snipping Tool In Windows 10 and 11, there’s a tool called the Snipping Tool.” You use it to do advanced screen capturing, i.e. take a screenshot. You can capture an entire window or part of one. Either way, once you have the picture, you can do some different things with it. […]

Microsoft PowerToys

Microsoft PowerToys – have you ever heard of it? You did if you attended our November 19, 2022 seminar! I shared this app and showed some of its features. If you were there, this will be a good review. If you did not attend, then this may be all new information for you! Microsoft PowerToys – What It Is? PowerToys […]


PayPal – we hear lots of feedback from customers about it. Some already use it and appreciate the benefits of being able to use it instead of spreading their credit/debit card numbers all over the Internet. Others have had issues with PayPal while some customers don’t even know what it is. In this post, I’ll try to remove the mystery […]

iPhone iOS 16 Sleep Settings

iPhone iOS 16 Sleep Settings can be a little tricky. With that in mind, let’s see if I can clear it up for you. (Fear not, Android users! I’ll be posting a “How To” for your phones, also.) Why Use Sleep Settings? Some people shut off their smartphones at night because they don’t want to be disturbed. On the surface, […]

The Old Devices And Printers

The old devices and printers – if you’ve been a Windows Control Panel user over the years, you’re familiar with the picture above. I’ve always found it useful for troubleshooting, especially printer issues. Microsoft Makes A Devices and Printers Change Since Windows 11 first appeared, Microsoft has tried to move away from the Control Panel functions. Basically, it seems they […]

A Different Kind Of Update

Today, I want to share a different kind of update. Yes, if you’re a regular reader of my blog or if you watch my YouTube videos, you know I’m constantly preaching about updates. I always suggest that you update operating systems and other important apps on all of your computing devices. Even today, I’m posting about updating iPhones to iOS […]

iOS 16 Is Here!

iOS 16 is here! If you’re an iPhone user, this post is for you! If you’re an iPad aficionado, you’ll need to wait a few more weeks for the release of iPad OS16. Why Upgrade To iOS 16? I often get asked whether a person should upgrade their device – no matter what computing device it is. My answer is […]

Five Important Videos You Need To Watch

I want to share five important videos from our YouTube Channel. I realize this post will sound self-promoting but I promise you, it’s based on what we are seeing in Remote and hearing over the phone. Why Do I Have A YouTube Channel? There are a number of reasons I have a YouTube Channel. At the top of this list […]

Android Smartphone Users Beware

Although active since 2021, there’s an Android trojan (click link) that keeps improving on what it can do. If you own an Android smartphone, you need to read this post. Its Name “SOVA Android Malware” is the trojan we’re talking about in this post. Oddly, SOVA means “Owl” in Czech. (Some websites claim it’s Russian for “owl” but my research […]

Rail Web Cams – My 5 Favorite

If you’ve read this blog for a long time, you probably know two things about me. Number one: I’m a railfan. Number two: I’m a big fan of places you can visit on YouTube. My hope is that, if you’re not exploring YouTube already, I can encourage you enough that you’ll give it a try. Naturally, I’m hoping you’ll spend […]

Filters, Filters, Filters

No, I haven’t suddenly switched this blog from computing posts to air conditioning information. While the picture above shows airflow through a series of air conditioner filters, we’re going to look at a different kind of filter. This filter IS computing related. Filter Definition In my post from October 8, 2020 (Crop Away), I talked about cropping pictures. I gave […]

What Is Clickbait?

What is clickbait? We have been asked this question enough times that I felt I should post about the subject. Let’s have a look! Clickbait Definition Merriam-Webster defines clickbait as “Something (such as a headline) designed to make readers want to click on a hyperlink especially when the link leads to content of dubious value or interest.” However, clickbait is not limited […]

Share This With Kids

Share this with kids – please! This post is going to talk about ways of avoiding some of the dangers that are present for young kids online. If you have young children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces or just friends with kids, please share this post. The Background To This Post Young kids are online a lot. (Teens Spend ‘Astounding’ Nine […]