How To Delete And Control Cookies In Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi

I promised you in my post “What Is The Cookie Pop-up I Keep Seeing On Websites? GDPR Cookie Consent?” that I would create a video showing you how to delete and control cookies in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi. Well, this is it! First Party and Third Party Cookies When I told you about the GDPR Cookie […]

Chrome Profiles

STOP HERE You might not want to read this post. In fact, you’ll be wasting your time IF: You don’t use the Google Chrome browser. You only have one Google account. If either statement one or statement two apply to you, may I suggest you read a different post? Or, click on SHOP above or PRODUCTS WE RECOMMEND and buy […]

It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

You’re right. I’m not talking about the monster in Young Frankenstein! Instead, I’m talking about a new feature in the Google Chrome browser. It’s called Live Caption. It will give you live captions for both videos and audios. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this option is that it will even do so for offline videos and audio files if […]

Ignore Microsoft and Google

In my recent post, “Delete Now!,” I explained through verbiage and a video the importance of NOT saving passwords in your browsers. I based my narrative on my own experiences; those opinions of well-known hackers and cybersecurity analysists; and the NZ Bankers Association which said in a post: “A common mistake that users make is saving their user-id/password in their […]

Download Location?

For most of us, when we use a browser and download something, our download goes to the default location. (You may recall that “default” means how something performs when it comes from the manufacturer or the software creator without the user making any changes.) Usually, there is a folder labeled “Downloads” which resides under the computer user’s account folder. By […]

Suspicious Site?

Starting yesterday, Google is offering a “Suspicious Site Reporter” extension for its Google Chrome browser. When you install this extension, a small green flag will appear in the upper right-hand corner of Chrome. If you come upon a suspicious site, you can click the flag and a menu will appear: For instance, I went to and when I clicked […]