Gmail Settings – Part 1

Back in September of 2020, in my post 3 Gmail Options You Didn’t Know About, I talked about a couple of Gmail settings. In reality, I barely touched the surface. With that in mind, we’re going to look at more Gmail Settings. Yes, I know everyone doesn’t use Gmail but a ton of our customers and readers do, thus this […]

Ignore Microsoft and Google

In my recent post, “Delete Now!,” I explained through verbiage and a video the importance of NOT saving passwords in your browsers. I based my narrative on my own experiences; those opinions of well-known hackers and cybersecurity analysists; and the NZ Bankers Association which said in a post: “A common mistake that users make is saving their user-id/password in their […]

Color Code Labels In Gmail

We’re always looking for ways to organize on the computer, especially emails. Although Gmail doesn’t have the same robust color abilities we find in Microsoft Outlook, it is possible to add color to the labels we create. Here’s how you can do that: If you already have a label created… Make sure you are looking at the emails in your […]