Recent News Is Why You Should Review

In this post, I will explain that recent news is why you should review previous posts of mine. Smishing News Here's one of the news headlines this week. "This stealthy Android malware can steal your money and invade your privacy." This particular malware affects Android users via smishing. Because this can record what you say …

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Passwords, Passkeys, Password Managers, and 2FA

Let's discuss passwords, passkeys, password managers, and 2FA. Why this subject? For one reason, a hacker recently attempted to break into my website. For another reason, hackers are always looking for vulnerable email accounts and financial accounts. The last thing I want to see is for your email and other accounts to be compromised. Why …

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Fifteen Computing-Related Rules You Should Follow

I want to review fifteen computing-related rules you should follow. If you've been a customer of ours for a long time, most of these should sound familiar. The same is true if you've been a blog subscriber for a while. Unfortunately, we see people all the time in Remote Technical Support who aren't following some …

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No More Microsoft Passwords

Finally, no more Microsoft passwords! Yes, you read that correctly. You can now delete your Microsoft password forever! Password Troubles Over the years, one of the most aggravating aspects of computer usage has been passwords. Let's see if you can relate to any of these password troubles: You forgot your password.Your password was lost.You changed …

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Ignore Microsoft and Google

In my recent post, "Delete Now!," I explained through verbiage and a video the importance of NOT saving passwords in your browsers. I based my narrative on my own experiences; those opinions of well-known hackers and cybersecurity analysists; and the NZ Bankers Association which said in a post: "A common mistake that users make is …

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Please...please...I'm begging you. Please tell me that you don't use ANY of the 50 top hacked/worse passwords of 2019! Look over this list carefully (provided by Splashdata). If you are using any of them, please change them immediately! 123456123456789 qwertypassword12345671234567812345iloveyou111111123123abc123qwerty1231q2w3e4radminqwertyuiop654321555555lovely7777777welcome888888princessdragonpassword1123qwe6666661qaz2wsx333333michaelsunshineliverpool7777771q2w3e4r5tdonaldfreedomfootballcharlieletmein!@#$%^&*secretaa1234569897654321zxcvbnmpassw0rdbaileynothingshadow121212bitemeginger

He’s Finally Out Of Jail

Kyle Milliken - you've probably never heard of him. Still, if you've been on the Internet for any period of time, you've almost assuredly seen his work. Kyle is a hacker who, according to his blog, hacked a ton of websites, including:,,,,,,,,,,,,, …

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