QR Codes

QR Codes are everywhere! Let’s learn what they are, why and where we use them and how to use them. QR Codes – What Are They? QR is an abbrevation for “quick response.” Basically, the QR Code is a two-dimentional bar code. The code was developed in 1994 by Masahiro Hara and his team of engineers at Denso-Wave. Once created, […]

Android Users Should Do This

Seriously, Android users should do this: make sure anti-virus/anti-malware is installed. Why It’s Important If you use an Android tablet or smartphone, you need to make sure you have software installed to protect your device. Last week, it was reported that over 300,000 Android devices were infected. A fake banking app was the cause of all the chaos. Fortunately, the […]

How To Avoid Smishing Scams

I suppose that before I explain how to avoid smishing scams, it might help to understand the meaning of the word “smishing.” Basically, smishing is phishing through text rather than email. All clear now? That definition works fine if you understand what phishing is. Okay, let’s go to the Mirriam-Webster dictionary to find out the full meaning of “smishing.” (Note: […]

One Ringy Dingy

If your smartphone is like mine, it seems to always be ringing! Sometimes, it’s not convenient to drop everything and answer the phone. As a means of helping me decide which ringing of the phone needs my immediate attention, I set up special rings for particular people. This way, if they call me, I can know who it is just […]

Cool Backgrounds

When I’m conducting a live seminar (remember the pre-coronavirus days?) or when I create a YouTube video, people often comment about the desktop backgrounds I use. For instance, the picture above is a pretty neat background of a vinyl record and the player it’s sitting on. Oh, I know some people use one of their own pictures for the desktop […]

Can’t Sleep?

In the old days, if we told someone we couldn’t sleep at night, we were often told “just count sheep!” I don’t know about you, but that never really worked for me. Luckily, technology has provided a number of better ways for us to fall asleep when our brain doesn’t want that to happen. If you have a smartphone or […]

I Recommend These…

People often ask me what books I recommend when it comes to computing devices. I have a number of them I really enjoy and/or find helpful for my customers. In this post, I’m sharing fourteen of them. This array covers everything from computer history to Windows 10 and both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. There is a plethora of knowledge […]

Smartphone Storage

In my last blog post, Win 10 Storage, I mentioned checking the amount of data space used on your smartphone. When Joyce was proof-reading the post, she suggested that, perhaps, not everyone knows how to find the data storage amounts on their phone. With that in mind, here’s how to do just that: iPhone Storage To check storage usage on […]

No Hand-holding!

If you live in Florida or if you’re coming to Florida to see our famous mouse (or other attractions), it’s important for you to know a change that takes effect October 1, 2019. If you’re not familiar, Florida already has a “no-texting-while-driving law.” (See my post, “Florida’s New Texting Law.”) However, effective October 1st, you can no longer hold any […]

iOS 13

Late yesterday, Apple released iOS 13 for the iPhone. The screenshot above is a picture of my iPhone’s “About” page. As you can see, I’m actually running iOS 13.1. I run the beta versions of the iPhone operating system so I’ve had iOS 13 for a few months. I’ve had a chance to play with it, see what works and […]

An iPhone Peek

In today’s blog post, I’m giving iPhone users a sneak peek at iOS13 which is due out in September. (With apologies to my Android users but please read on because there’s something which I hope will interest you farther down.) The picture you see above is my iPhone in dark mode. Yes, that’s a new feature. I’m going to cover […]

Shut Down Smartphone?

If you’ve been a customer or friend for a long time, you know that we always recommend you turn off your computer at least once a week. This allows the RAM (memory) to defrag and your computer will run faster once that happens. You might wonder, as others have, should you do the same thing with your smartphone? After all, […]

iOS 13

In my post of June 4, 2019 – No More Complaining – I mentioned that I’d post other things besides Mac Pro that happened this year at Apple’s WWDC conference. One of those announcements was regarding iOS 13 and here are some of the features: Dark Mode – iOS 13 is going to bring new features to your iPhone. There’s […]

Traffic Alert!

In my post entitled, “In The Driver’s Seat,” I mentioned that Joyce and I had used Google Maps to get around an accident while driving to New Orleans. Several readers asked us how that works. Here’s their answer: In order to see where there’s a traffic problem in Google Maps, you need to have the “Traffic” option activated. Let’s look […]

Video & Snapshot?

Today, I’m sharing a little trick with your Android or iPhone. Did you know that when you’re shooting video with your smartphone, you can also take a snapshot – without stopping the video? You absolutely can take a single picture while shooting video and it’s easy! Just make note of the camera shutter button to the side of the video […]