Five Important Videos You Need To Watch

I want to share five important videos from our YouTube Channel. I realize this post will sound self-promoting but I promise you, it’s based on what we are seeing in Remote and hearing over the phone. Why Do I Have A YouTube Channel? There are a number of reasons I have a YouTube Channel. At the top of this list […]

Spammer Tricks

Today, I want to talk about a number of spammer tricks we are seeing all the time. Have you read my post entitled “Fighting Spam” or watched my YouTube video named “How To Eliminate Spam/Junk Emails?” If you have, you probably know that I recommend marking spam emails “Spam” or “Junk” rather than just deleting them. Unfortunately, that’s not always […]

Outgoing Email Locked?

In my post titled “The Importance of Being Junk,” I mentioned that we use the email-handling program called AWeber. I want to tell you about this program and explain why you might want to use it, too. Granted, this won’t apply to everyone who reads my blog but if you happen to be in one of the two situations I […]

The Importance of Being Junk

Although today’s post heading might sound a little like the play title by Oscar Wilde, the resemblance is just a coincidence. Okay, you caught me. It’s not by accident that the post’s title sounds eerily like Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. I created it on purpose to get your attention. “What is this post really about?” I hear you […]

Eliminating Spam/Junk Email

“How can I get rid of all this junk email that I get every day?” I get asked this question all the time. Just this week alone, I had one customer email me the question and another asked me on the phone. In an effort to answer the question clearly and not have to repeat myself multiple times, I’ve created […]

Not Spam

I’ve talked about spam in a number of my posts yet I continue to get questions about it. When I try to help someone reduce the amount of spam they receive (you can never really eliminate it), I often find that they aren’t handling legitimate email correctly when it goes to spam. (Just a reminder: “spam” and “junk” when referring […]

More Throwaways!

In my April 15, 2019 post “Fighting Spam,” I mentioned throwaway, i.e. disposable email addresses. At our seminar this month, several people asked if I would explain this anti-spam option in more depth. So, here you go! Today, I’m going to talk about Yahoo mail and show you how to use disposable addresses. Keeping in mind that Yahoo handles the […]