Rail Web Cams – My 5 Favorite

If you’ve read this blog for a long time, you probably know two things about me. Number one: I’m a railfan. Number two: I’m a big fan of places you can visit on YouTube. My hope is that, if you’re not exploring YouTube already, I can encourage you enough that you’ll give it a try. Naturally, I’m hoping you’ll spend […]

5 Awesome YouTube Dance Mashup Videos

I want to share 5 awesome YouTube Dance Mashup Videos with you! In a previous post, I’ve shared my 5 favorite YouTube music-related channels. Plus, I’ve referred to YouTube in many other posts. Why am I pushing YouTube? There’s A Selfish Reason But There’s More To It Than That Naturally, I want you to get used to using YouTube so […]

What In The World Are YouTube #Shorts ?

During the presidency of Donald Trump, you heard a lot about TikTok – the little app that allows people to create brief (15-second) videos with music, sound and video effects, filters, text and more. “Shorts” is YouTube’s response to TikTok. For most, these videos are entertainment – people showing themselves dancing, lip-syncing or just doing crazy things. I’ve been playing […]

YouTube: Show More

If you’re a regular reader of this blog and/or a KCC customer, you are aware of the fact that I’m adding more and more YouTube videos to my free training options on my YouTube Channel. What I’ve discovered, though, is that many of those who watch forget about the information found below the video itself. Often, people will watch a […]

Impeachment Overload?

If you’re ready to bang your head against the wall rather than sit through another minute of the impeachment pomposity, let me suggest a healthier alternative. Why not learn a new skill? While people learn differently – some: by reading or by watching or by hearing or by doing – a great place for learning new skills is YouTube. You […]

YouTube Features

In my last post, I talked about educational and entertainment possibilities on YouTube. In this post, I want to share a video showing you how to use some of the features of YouTube. Remember, you really need a Google account to get all of the benefits of YouTube but the account is free and you don’t have to use it […]

Knowledge Is Power

Oh, how I wish we had computers and the Internet back in my high school days! There are so many opportunities to expand your knowledge simply by going online. One of my favorite places to go is YouTube. There’s a cornucopia of “How To” videos plus lots of entertainment, history-related, too. Are you using YouTube? Even if you go there, […]