We have lots of ways for your to get help with any of your computing issues. Listed below are the options we offer.

Remote Technical Support

We have been helping people remotely for almost 20 years. We can often save a service call and the time you need to wait to have one scheduled by the use of our Remote Service.

Not Familiar With Our Remote Technical Support?

If you’re not familiar with our Remote Technical Support service (RTS, for short!), find out all you need to know by clicking HERE.

Have Remote And Need To Log In?

If you have our RTS service and need to log in but can’t use our icon for some reason, click HERE,


We publish “How to” videos on our computing-related YouTube channel which you’ll find HERE.

A word cloud of social engineering-related items

Social Engineering Page

A great number of issues for users are caused by Social Engineering. This may be one of the most important pages on our website. Be sure to read this and digest the information on the page which you’ll find HERE. (Or you can click on the image above.)

Help Page

We have a help page full of information on a variety of subjects. You’ll find it HERE.

Newsletter Archive

Here you’ll find the archive of emails we send out to all of our customers, not just blog subscribers. These emails include our now-retired Question of the Week emails. Additionally, you’ll find special emails that we send to everyone. These subjects are usually security related or some change that everyone needs to know. Find this archive HERE.

4KCC Knowledge Base

This area of our website is just at the beginning stages of development but you may find what you’re looking for in this KB. Explore by clicking HERE.

Chat/Remote Help

Even if you don’t have Remote Technical Support, you can chat with us during our normal hours of operation by visiting HERE.

Microsoft Word Training

We have a three-tiered Microsoft Word Training video series, You can receive the video “3 Hidden Microsoft Word Features” for free. Just visit HERE.

In-Person Seminars

If you live on Florida’s Treasure Coast, we offer in-person seminars monthly except in July and August. Find out more HERE.