My Backup Story

Windows 95 desktop with a picture of Corel Draw! 6

Let me share my backup story! In 1996, I was running Corel Draw on my Windows 95 computer. After 14 hours on a project, my computer crashed! I had no backup and I was devastated. “Never again!”, I told myself. From then on, I always made backups of anything I was working on.

Various backup solutions - floppy disks, CDs Flash Drives and SD cards

From that day on, I used a variety of backup “tools.” First, there were floppy disks. Then came CDs and DVDs. As the computing business evolved, I moved to flash drives and SD cards. I even used external drives!

Being in the computer business for so many years, I’ve found that my experience is not unusual. Even today, we often have customers who lose precious pictures or important documents because their computer crashes and they don’t have a backup. Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to be able to save these important documents and pictures. But, just as often, we cannot retrieve them and they are lost. For this reason, we always harp about backing up your data.  

People ask us which backup method we prefer – external hard drive, CD/DVD backup, USB Flash Drives, etc.  For various reasons, we no longer like any of these devices for backup. * Instead, we’ve found the best solution to be online backup.  We’ve tried them all and we have found Carbonite to be the best solution at the best price.  It’s what we use! 

Don’t take a chance on having to go through the experience I and so many others have endured. Take action today to back up your data. Just click on the banner below to get started.

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Why I Say No To Other Backup Devices

* Here are the reasons we discourage backup methods other than online: 

1)  External drives, USB Flash Drives, and SD cards:  ALL hard drives crash, eventually; if there’s a fire, flood, or theft at your computer, external drives, USB drives, and SD cards often go with the disaster – then you’re left with no backup at all.

2)  CD/DVD Backup: CDs and DVDs can get scratched, broken, or lost.  And, most importantly, many people don’t back up to them often enough to save the newest information.