5 Awesome YouTube Dance Mashup Videos

I want to share 5 awesome YouTube Dance Mashup Videos with you! In a previous post, I’ve shared my 5 favorite YouTube music-related channels. Plus, I’ve referred to YouTube in many other posts. Why am I pushing YouTube? There’s A Selfish Reason But There’s More To It Than That Naturally, I want you to get used to using YouTube so […]

Windows 11: Developer’s Edition

You may recall I talked about not panicking over Windows 11. (In case you didn’t read what I wrote, you’ll find it in my post, “Stay Open-minded About Windows 11.”) Every time a new operating system comes out, whether Windows or Mac, people go crazy with theories, worries and doubts. I urge you to not do that. Developer’s Edition I’m […]

Email Basics You Should Know

In this post, I’m going to go over some email basics you should know. I apologize in advance for those of you who are well-versed in email terms. Still, we often have people who log into Remote Technical Support with email issues. Many of these problems could be resolved by the customer if they knew these basic facts. POP Vs. […]

Remote Support Lies

Today, I want to touch on remote support lies. As you most likely know, here at 4KCC.COM, we offer Remote Technical Support. In my blog, I have often talked about those fake support companies who rip off frightened and confused customers. In this post, I want to talk about a new twist in their deception. What Is Remote Support? Although […]

Stay Open-minded About Windows 11

Please, stay open-minded about Windows 11. I’m already hearing grumbling from some “technical” online writers. As one of my customers/blog readers, please don’t join in with their way of thinking. False Statement Here’s something we often hear: “Everybody hates change.” Please don’t buy into that way of thinking. When it comes to computing, I welcome change and you should, too. […]

Photo Size

When we talk about photo size, our conversation can go down hill quickly. Why? Mistakes in our thinking often abound because we tend to confuse a photo’s pixel size with its file size and/or its physical dimensions. Photo Size Measured In Pixels Let’s look at an example: Both of the pictures above are 1536 x 2048 pixels in size. When […]

More Keyboard Icons

In my post entitled, The F Key Icons, I mentioned that not all special icons are on the keyboard’s F keys. In fact, with some keyboards, there aren’t any icons on the F keys but, rather, they appear elsewhere. With that in mind, let’s look at a few more of the icons you might find on your keyboard. Power Related […]

The Online Ad Game

There’s an online ad game and it infuriates me! I get it. Really, I do. I spend a ton of money to have my websites. Ads on a page (Yes, I have them.) are there in hopes of recouping the money it costs to be online. Let’s Talk About Online Ads Just about everywhere you go online, you’ll see ads. […]

Dell Computer BIOS Risk

If you own one, you need to know about a Dell computer BIOS Risk that affects millions of computers. Even if you don’t own a Dell, you might want to peruse this post just to be aware of what has happened. What is BIOS? Before we talk about the Dell computer BIOS risk, let me define BIOS for you. You […]

Amazon Prime Day

Every year, there’s always a buzz about Amazon Prime Day. Why? You’ll find tons of great online deals during the Prime Day sale, that’s why! This year is no different than the past although the Covid-19 pandemic forced the special day to be scheduled earlier than usual – it usually falls in July. Prime Day this year is June 21-22, […]

Windows 11?

This coming Thursday, June 24, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. ET, Microsoft will introduce Windows 11. Or, will it? The screenshot above is of a leaked version of the new OS (Operating System). As you can see, the menu is centered. But, will there be any other changes? Before You Panic I can already see some of you rolling your eyes […]

The F Key Icons

If you’re a Windows user, you may have noticed the F key icons at the top of the keyboard. You’re probably familiar with the F keys themselves. These keys are shortcuts for functions in various programs. The F1 key is generally reserved as the “Help!’ shortcut. But, what are the symbols often found on the F keys? Let’s look at […]

It’s Not Always Your Computing Device

When you can’t get online, it’s not always your computing device. Also, if you’re the type of person who classifies yourself as “computer illiterate,” it isn’t always you, either. We often have customers call us in a panic when they can’t get online. Yes, sometimes it is your device which is preventing you from accessing your favorite online sites but, […]

The Good Old Days

Recently, have you heard someone lament about “the good old days?” You know, when things were simpler and life was easier? I hear that kind of message often as it relates to computing issues. Statements like “Letters were easier to write and send when we just used pen and paper. Computers are so frustrating!” “You can’t even go to apply […]

A New Firefox Browser

A new Firefox browser is coming June 1, 2021. Here’s what Mozilla has to say about it: A new Firefox is coming your way on June 1 with a fresh look designed for today’s modern life online. We pored over the browser’s user interface pixel by pixel, measured the value users were getting from our massive library of features, and […]

Windows 10: The View Menu

The View Menu – The Problem Remote Technical Support customers frequently log in to us because their File Explorer view has changed. Unfortunately, they often don’t have a clue how to fix the issue. We wind up educating them about a basic part of Windows. This feature goes all the way back to Windows 95 although there were only four […]