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Thanks for attending our seminar on Saturday, January 15, 2011.  Included on this page are the PowerPoint Presentation, the notes and some links.  We hope you enjoyed the seminar and that, since we didn't finish what we started, you'll join us on February 12, 2011.  We'll be covering the material we didn't get to do in January.  

Our Seminar's topic was "1st and Goal: Offensive and Defensive Strategies for Using Your Computer."  Here is the PowerPoint presentation for you to download and watch on your computer:

Seminar 01-15-2011 PowerPoint


One of the items that won't show in the PowerPoint presentation is the football-related video I showed.  You can see it here:




During our discussion, I gave examples of how to create good, strong passwords.  I mentioned that I used the FBI method.  Well, I named the wrong agency!  It's actually the National Infrastructure Protection Center's method.  At any rate, here's the link to our How To Create Passwords Tutorial: HERE.




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