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Thanks for attending our seminar on Saturday, February 12, 2011.  Included on this page are the PowerPoint Presentation, the notes and some links.  We hope you learned a few things and that you've already put some of your new knowledge to work!  

Our Seminar's topic was "Hearts and Flowers, Laptops and Towers."  Here is the PowerPoint presentation for you to download and watch on your computer:

Seminar 02-12-2011 PowerPoint

(Please note: this PowerPoint is a little larger than usual and make take some time to download.)


One of the items that won't show in the PowerPoint presentation is the iPhone-related video I showed.  You can see it here:



During the seminar, one of the things I mentioned was that, if you use a laptop (notebook), you should use a cooling pad.  I noted that I use one with 4 USB ports and two fans.  This is my third cooling tray.  The first two were poorly crafted and it wasn't long before one or both fans burned out.  So, I highly recommend the one I have now as it has lasted a long time.  You can read more about it and order it, if you like, by clicking on this picture:



Uninstall Programs

I suggested to you that, instead of using some software to try to "clean up" your computer's registry, it's better to use a special removal tool to remove programs.  I mentioned special tools for removing Norton's and McAfee.  I also mentioned a general tool that we use here at 4KCC - Revo Uninstaller.  Here are the links to download these three products:

Norton Removal Tool

McAfee Removal Tool

Revo Uninstaller


Revo Uninstaller - I showed how to remove a program with Revo Uninstaller.  To view a step-by-step tutorial, click HERE.


Clean Up Program

I spoke about not using the cleanup tool call CCleaner.  It's an excellent tool but you really need to know how to set it up or you can delete files that shouldn't be deleted.  Instead, I suggested that you use a tool called CleanUp.  It is similar to the Windows built-in clean up tool, only better.  You can download CleanUp HERE.  To view a tutorial on how to use CleanUp, click HERE.


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