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Thanks for attending our seminar on Saturday, March 19, 2011.  Included on this page are the PowerPoint Presentation, the notes and some links.   

Our Seminar's topic was "Blame It On Atanasoff."  You may recall that the seminar itself had absolutely nothing to do with the title!  Here is the PowerPoint presentation for you to download and watch on your computer:

Seminar 03-19-2011 PowerPoint



Before we got into the seminar's subject, I did caution everyone about the email scams which are circulating regarding donating to help the Japanese people recover from the deadly earthquake.  Just as a reminder, if you want to donate to help, make sure you give to an organization which you know is trustworthy.

We then moved on to our subject for the day: Microsoft Office programs.  We looked at each of the following:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Access


I gave you examples of each of the products.  You may download these examples, if you like, by clicking on the example name listed below:

Microsoft Word Examples

Microsoft Excel Examples

Microsoft Publisher Examples
(Please note: since few seminar attendees have Publisher, the examples are in PDF format showing what the file looked like in Publisher.)


One of the programs I covered extensively was Microsoft OneNote.  I suggested to everyone who has the program that you open it, read the great tutorial that is built-in, and begin using the program to take written notes, screen captures, audio notes and even video notes.


I also spent quite a bit of time on Publisher.  If you create banners, flyers, or anything else along these lines, Publisher is a fantastic program.  We use it every day here at KCC.


There were so many questions and so much interest in the Office programs, that I sent out a survey to everyone who attended this seminar.  Only about 50% of those at this seminar have taken the survey.  If you are one of those who hasn't, please take a few minutes and take it now.  We're going to have some special seminars on Office products and we need your input.  You'll find the survey HERE.


Finally, I announced that the next seminar will be April 16, 2011 and that the title is "It's Raining RAM!"  (A dual play on: "April Showers bring..." and "It's Raining Men.") Once again, of course, the title gives you no hint as to the real subject of the seminar.  Still, I promise it will be worth two hours of your time and $8!  Hope to see you there.





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